Who knew Chana Sura Rotman

Friday, 18 March 2016

Dear Zaglembie family and friends

We wish you all a very Sweet and wonderful New year
and well over the fast. Thank you so much for the magazine
you sent to me. I wish your magazine had been able to be
seen by my late father whose family came from Sosnowiec
and surrounding areas.
I am trying to locate anyone who may be related or knew
Chana Sura Rotman who married my late father's younger
brother Motil (Mordko) Ros(z)enfarb and they had 3 children
Their fate is unknown but it is likely that all perished at
Auschwitz but JJGG did find someone and I cannot locate
that person. They were from Sosnowiec and probably would
have lived at Niwka or Dandowka
My father's older sister's husband had a brother who went to
USA his name was Z. Klein but this would have been abbreviated
from ZVI or HERSH Klajman. My father's older sister was Hadassa
(Hudestle) Klajman nee Ros(z)enfarb and they had 4 children and
lived in Bedzin
As I am getting old this is probably my last chance to find anyone
who may have survived the Shoah.
I live with my family in Sydney Australia and we belong to The
Great Synagogue in Sydney
I would very much appreciate it if anyone can assist me as even at this late stage
I would still like to know their fate and whether they require my help

Regards and best Wishes

Alfred Rose (Ros(z)enfarb) David Emanuel Ben Eleazer Halevi

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