Monday, 30 January 2017


Greetings to all,

A few years back I was looking up a yahrzeit of a family member and I thought, just for fun, to look up my Jewish birth date.....Much to my surprise I learned that I was born on the 25 of Kislev -the first day of Chanukah! Since that occasion I have come to think of myself as a catalyst for action.

So as we approach our festive season of light, I am lighting a flame around the hope of bring a wonderful exhibit to the New York Region. Through the Eyes of Youth; Life and Death in the Jewish Ghetto of Bedzin Poland , was produced through the Doris Martin Holocaust Center at Northern Arizona University. It tells the very personal stories of eight young people from Bedzin before, during and after the Holocaust (see the exhibit at Bedzin exhibit

Our goal is to raise $3500.00 to initiate this process. To date we have $2300.00 pledged. The pledges range from $100.00 to $1000.00. For these pledges we have to thank Cecile Feldman, Michael Danziger, Josef Guttman, Vincent Pistone and myself.

We need a few more people to join our effort. Any contribution will be a help; especially to prove to grant organizations that we have support. Will you be one of those who helps to bring in the holiday season with a little light? See the attached document. Then please send a check to: RICHARD FELDMAN; 5800 Arlington Avenue, Apt. 2U, Bronx, NY 10471

Make check payable to: NAU Foundation, Acct. 5138 [Memo line:] Martin-Springer Institute NY 2017

Happy Chanukah

Rick Feldman

BIG P.S. I was going to just send this letter to people in the New York Region, but then I realized that We are THE WORLD ZAGLEMBIE ORGANIZATION. And this could be just the first stop on a worldwide tour for Through the Eyes of Youth; Life and Death in the Jewish Ghetto of Bedzin Poland. From New York we can build the momentum to go to Toronto and Los Angeles; to Israel and to England. Possibly even to Australia and Shanghai.

And through this exhibit we will develop the funds to support so many of the other organizations back in Poland that some of us visited this past summer. Here are a few other organizations that we can impact by BRINGING Through the Eyes of Youth; Life and Death in the Jewish Ghetto of Bedzin Poland to a New York Region audience Please show your support send whatever contribution that you can. Your contribution, no matter how small will give us the ability to reach out to granting organizations and other institutions that will further our efforts. NOW IS THE TIME TO DO THIS.

We salute all these efforts

Fraternal Organization of Bedzin-Sosnoweic:

World Zaglembie Organization Contact: Rina Kahan: Here is the link:

JRI-Poland: Contact: Jeffrey Cymbler has been tracing his roots in Zaglembie since 1983. In addition, to being the author of a book, The Cemetery of the Jewish Communities of Bedzin and Czeladz Poland, he is the town leader for all the Zaglembie towns for Jewish Records Poland – Indexing ( His email is: .

Brama Cukerman Foundation Invoved in restoration of Jewish landmarks in Bedzin and surrounding towns, stories of Jewish heritage in the towns of Selesia and Zaglembie region and education on Anti Semitism and the Holocaust. They can be reached at and

Cafe Jerusalem (in the Family home Lemel) – a coffee shop, museum and gallery. Cafe Jerusalem is the place where you can move in time, a place where you drink coffee, eat a good cheese cake, see a lot of archival documents and objects from pre-war Jewish Bedzin. Once a month held with klezmer music and for the young residents of Bedzin conducted lessons of Jewish history. Project Director is Adam Szydłowski who has been working on the history of Jewish Zaglembie for many years, organizer of historical reconstructions, the discoverer of the House of Prayer Cukerman’s, the House of Prayer Mizrachi and the publisher of the diary Rutka Laskier.

Contact Adam Szydlowski at: Jerozolima

Or go to the website at:

Darek. Archeologist whose subject is medieval period, but also preservation of local monuments – esp. cemeteries. He is involved in the preservation of a major cemetery in Bedzin...
.. Rozmusowie <.
And for more info on Bedzin Cemeteries:
(also Darek recommended a friend who does local history. He was helpful in finding addresses of our family homes: Sławomir Witkowski or

Jewish Historical Institute; Marta Mackowiak, Jewish Genealogy and Family Heritage Center; email: ; website:

Donors, Volunteers and Members – the Organization depends on you

The many activities taken up by our organization entails considerable expenses.
Our main monetary coverage comes from membership fees.

Your participation is crucial.

Donations to the organization are welcome in:

Leumi Bank, Branch 783, Account Number: 34600/62
IBAN: IL 820107830000003460062

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