About the organization

About the organization

The Organization of the members of Zaglembie (Zagłębie) communities in Poland

This website contains information about the Zaglembie communities and past, present and future activities of the organization. Join the site and share our activities: commemorating the memory of the communities in the Zaglembie region in Poland and securing its heritage for the next generations.
The Organization was established in July, 1979 by the Zaglembie people in Israel – as an association registered by law with the purpose of commemorating and passing on the heritage to future generations.

The aims of the Organization:
  • maintain the connection between Jews from Zaglembie in Israel and worldwide,
  • secure and upkeep the Jewish memorial sites in Zaglembie,
  • and the memorial sites in Israel.
Memorial sites in Israel:
  • The Ashes' tombstone that was built in Israel in 1953 in the Nahalat Yitchak cemetery in Tel Aviv where people get together on Tisha B'Av to say Kadish to remember the day the Zaglembie Ghettoes were annihilated.
  • An impressive memorial site at the "Zaglembie Holy Forest" in the Modi'in area. It is a few acres big, where thousands of Jews from Zaglembie and their families get together on the Holocaust Memorial Day.
  • A Zaglembie Communities street in Tel Aviv.
Due to constant activity and good relations of the organization with the municipal and regional authorities and voluntary organizations in Zaglembie Poland the authorities have commemorated the Zaglembie Jewry and its Jewish sites appropriately:
  • Seven renovated and well kept cemeteries.
  • Monuments and memorial boards in sites where synagogues, schools, orphanages, hospitals and other Jewish facilities used to exist,
  • City squares commemorating Jewish Ghetto heroes where the Kamionka Ghetto in Będzin and Srodula Ghetto in Sosnowiec used to stand,


There are about 1,500 families in the organization from the first generation of the holocaust and the second one in Israel as well as hundreds of families outside of Israel.

The organization facilitates annually the "Roots Journey" to Zaglembie and Auschwitz – where most Jews from Zaglembie were slaughtered. People from three generations of Zaglembie survivors take part in these journeys. In addition, there are workshops and lectures for organization members and tours to museums that deal with Holocaust and remembrance.
     menachem lior               avraham green
   Menachem Lior (Lyor), Chairperson          Abraham Green, President of honor and former chairperson
        CV of Menachem Lior (Liwer)                  Link to the movie "Mr. Zaglembia"

Donors, Volunteers and Members – the Organization depends on you

The many activities taken up by our organization entails considerable expenses.
Our main monetary coverage comes from membership fees.

Your participation is crucial.

Donations to the organization are welcome in:

Leumi Bank, Branch 783, Account Number: 34600/62
IBAN: IL 820107830000003460062

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