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  • Yad Hazikaron in Modi'in
  • Yad Hazikaron in Modi'in
  • "Roots Journey" to Zaglembie Aug 2012
  • Yad Hazikaron in Modi'in
  • Yad Hazikaron in Modi'in
  • A roots journey to Zaglembie 2016
  • The Hanukka Ball 9 Dec 2015

Zaglembie (Zagłębie) World Organization

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  • Zawiercie2016 19 310pics
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  • Sosnowiec Umszlagplatz2016 23
  • Commemoration site in Dąbrowa Górnicza
  • Sławków cemetery
  • Commemoration site in Wolbrom
  • Commemoration site in Będzin at the burned synagogue
  • Zamek in Będzin
  • Jewish cemetery in ZAWIERCIE
  • Commemoration site in Będzin
  • Sosnowiec Umszlagplatz
The Organization of the members of the Zaglembie Communities in Poland.
This site helps you find info about the Zaglembie communities and past, present and ongoing activities carried out by the organization. Enter the site and be partners to keeping and commemorating the Zaglembie Jewish heritage with the younger generation.

The organization activities and achievements:
  • The annual Memorial Day Ceremony and commemoration.
  • A series of "Zaglembie Café" events.
  • The publishing bulletins with various news and issues.
  • Social activity for Organization members includes: Raising a toast for the High Holidays, Passover, a Hannuka ball, planting trees on Tu Bishvat – The New Year of Nature – and more.
  • The renovation and upkeep of cemeteries and other Jewish sites in Zaglembie, Poland.
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Remembering by Doing

  • Visiting Zeev KLASNER

    Visiting Zeev KLASNER

    I happened to visit Zeev KLASNER, first generation Zaglembie survivor from Będzin. He is a most gifted and amicable man, an artist through and...

Upcoming Events

From the Events' Archives

The Zaglembie Café

The Zagłębie Newsletter

mag36page1 The Zagłębie Newsletter appears twice annually: before Rosh Hashana and before Pessach.
The bulletin has articles dealing with the glorious past of the Zaglembie communities and their whereabouts during the holocaust, memoirs and personal stories of the organization members and current information regarding activities and connections with various institutions worldwide.
All is published in Hebrew, Polish, English and Yiddish.

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 Bulletin Achieves
of blessed memory

Commemoration at the Zaglembie Sacred Memorial in Modi'in

The name plate in Yad Hazikaron in Modi'in

Donors, Volunteers and Members – the Organization depends on you

The many activities taken up by our organization entails considerable expenses.
Our main monetary coverage comes from membership fees.

Your participation is crucial.

Donations to the organization are welcome in:

Leumi Bank, Branch 783, Account Number: 34600/62

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